Live Theatre Productions

Below is a selection of just some of the theatre productions that we have been involved in over the last few years.


Naomi Sumner Chan

Grace Joseph

Leah Huang:
Emma Lau

Mrs. Huang:
Eugenia Low

Bolin Huang:
Nelson Wan

NUMBERS was performed at The Arcola Theatre on 28th January 2018 as part of Foreign Goods 3 produced by Pokfulam Road Productions .  The event coincided with the launch of  Foreign Goods the first Anthology of plays by British East Asian writers published by Oberon Books.

This new short play highlighted the role of the Chinese Labour Corps in World War 1, an area of history often forgotten or ignored by mainstream historians.

Part of What The Dickens? by Manchester ADP

Adam Quayle

Naomi Sumner

Alastair Gillies

Chloe Proctor

Lydia Hassoon

Nancy Monaghan

Naomi was one of four writers invited to take part in Manchester ADP’s What The Dickens? event in partnership with Oldham Coliseum Theatre. The writers were commissioned to write a 15 minute response piece to Charles Dicken’s Hard Times which was being performed on the Main Stage as part of the season.

SINK OR SING was set in present day Manchester and explored class divides and the exploitation of vulnerable young women by men in positions of power. All four response pieces were given a rehearsed reading on the Coliseum’s Main Stage in front of an audience who were then invited to feedback in a post show discussion.

Sink or Sing makes a great impression considering it’s short running time…The economy of the writing is enviable: the characters and their situations hit the stage fully formed and with no words wasted.

(Audience Bulldog)

One Flesh

Writer/Director and Co-Producer:
Naomi Sumner Chan

Mike Heath

Seth Daniels

Rachel Creamer

Victoria Tunnah

Fiona Organ

Barney Cooper

Lucy Hird

One Flesh is a full length play about Evangelical Christianity and the culture’s beliefs and practices relating to marriage with a focus on same sex marriage. Produced in partnership with The Proud Trust as part of LGBT History Month 2016 the play first toured the North West in  Feb/March 2016 with support from Arts Council England.

I attended the first performance at Manchester’s LGBT Centre on 27th February, and was deeply moved by the performance. Although I had seen the script, its impact didn’t become fully clear until seeing it live.A Brave Faith

Read the review from Lancashire Life. The play was published by WriteForTheStage in July 2016 and the script can be purchased from Amazon.


Andrew Fillis

Mike Heath for Write For The Stage

Stage Manager:
Ellie Whitfield

Foot In The Door intern:
Georgie Sykes

Ethan Rogers

Natasha Davidson

Jo Hinton

This one act play explored the boundaries of teacher-pupil relationships and the effects of “safeguarding culture.” PASS was selected to be one of ten plays performed at the prestigious Manchester 24:7 Theatre Festival in 2014 and nominated for the Vicky Allen award for best new play.

Some very good performances from Ethan Rogers as Jake, Natasha Davidson as Maddie and Johanna Hinton as Louise together with some snappy dialogue and a clear plot make this an entertaining piece.The British Theatre Guide

Pass bursts out of the starting blocks for the tenth 24:7 festival with an edgy and hip presentation of an age old theme…there’s so many layers packed into the hour it’s fit to bursting.The Good Review

Writers for Sale / Large Animal

Tom Ferguson

Naomi Sumner Chan

Fiona Organ

Sarah Oldknow

Writers for Sale took place over three nights in April 2015 at the Waterside Arts Centre in Sale. Six writers from the University of Salford’s MA in Playwriting had their work staged by local directors and professional actors. Naomi directed “Large Animal” by Tom Ferguson which was about an adopted child meeting their birth mother after a long time.

High Force

Richard Hall

Andrew Fillis

Victoria Scowcroft

This 15 minute short was one of the winners of Oldham Coliseum’s First Break writing competition in 2013 and was given a rehearsed reading by professional actors in the studio to a public audience. It went on to be professionally produced at Hebden Bridge Arts Festival later that year and had a sell out three night run.

For Hebden Bridge Festival the play was re-cast and directed by Eve Robertson.