Creative Writing Mentorship

The creative process often involves challenges, obstacles and frustrations before the final product is unveiled along with a huge sense of achievement.

As writing tends to be a solitary process, writers often find themselves facing these challenges alone or feeling they don’t know where to go for advice or support. Brush Stroke Order offers guidance for every step of your creative journey, whether you are just starting out and need help facing the blank page to how to produce your completed script.

When writing for the stage it’s so important to hear your work out loud during the development process and to test ideas in front of an audience. Brush Stroke Order are committed to finding writers opportunities to see and hear their work being performed.

  • Playwriting, poetry and short story workshops and short courses with a focus on developing technique and generating material.
  • Script reading service for playwrights including a readers report with comments and feedback.
  • For playwrights one to one script surgeries (in person or via Skype).
  • Rehearsed readings. An opportunity to hear your work read by professional actors and receive feedback from an audience.
  • “Meet a Director” events. An opportunity to ask Directors experienced in bringing new writing to the stage what they are looking for in a script and how they approach staging a new play.
  • Production opportunities.
  • Proof reading.
  • Presentations and workshops on self-employment, producing a play on the fringe and running a creative business.
  • First time funding advice including Arts Council G4A applications and introduction to Grantium.